Minneapolis FlowBlaster

esting and adjusting supply and exhaust air valves

With a measuring range of 17 to 500 m³/h, the Minneapolis FlowBlaster has been especially designed for testing ventilation systems during residential and commercial construction. In combination with the measuring fan BlowerDoor MiniFan, it allows the precise measurement of the air flow at supply and exhaust air valves.

Measuring the supply and exhaust air flow at the respective valves provides information as to whether the requirements have been implemented as designed. If the air flows measured at the valves deviate from the requirements, the ventilation system can be adjusted.

Data sheet FlowBlaster

The Measuring Principle

The fact that placing any kind of measuring device on air inlets or outlets changes the pressure ratios at the valve, makes measuring air flows at supply and exhaust air valves difficult. The changed pressure ratios consequently also occur in the duct system and influence the measuring results.

The FlowBlaster capture hood patented in 2014 guarantees highly accurate measurements of the air flow by achieving the flow alignment necessary for high accuracy. Any losses in pressure are compensated by the precise speed regulation of the BlowerDoor MiniFan.

With the TECLOG software or the TEC Gauge app you can record the values measured at supply and exhaust air valves manually or via a wireless connection (optional).


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