BlowerDoor FireProtection

Extinction gas holding times according to ISO 14520

Fire safety is one of the areas where the use of BlowerDoor measurements is increasingly gaining in importance. In general, it is server rooms that are measured, where in the case of fire, this is quenched by special extinction gases. High-quality technology can thus be protected against damage from sprinkling or fire water. A prerequisite for the fire protection through extinction gases is an airtight room envelope.With the Minneapolis BlowerDoor measuring system and the FireProtection software, you can easily and accurately determine extinction gas holding times in accordance with ISO 14520 in rooms of angular volume.

Data sheet FireProtection

The Measuring Principle

The Door Fan Test according to ISO 14520 forms the basis for the measuring process. You first track the leakage at constant pressure using either, the measuring system BlowerDoor Standard, BlowerDoor MiniFan, or BlowerDoor MultipleFan and also carry out the Door Fan Test with either the TECTITE Express 4.1 / 5.1 software or TECLOG4.

For the fire protection measurement it is necessary to have an air interlocking around the server room to be measured. The data measured as well as the data of the Fieldcheck tests are then read into the FireProtection Software. Specific indications, as for example the room height or the type of extinction gas used are entered into the FireProtection program manually. Based on the existing data, the software calculates the extinction gas holding time.

Further functions like the integration of the calibration certificates in the test report in order to document the measuring accuracy of the testing equipment used as well as the data and user administration allow for a practical design of the working processes. The detailed test report is automatically generated as a Word document or an Open Office file.

The Measuring Technology

The use of the FireProtection Software requires knowledge of ISO 14520. You must use a Minneapolis BlowerDoor measuring system with a Fieldcheck ring and accessories plus a laptop. With your purchase, you receive an unlimited workstation license for the unrestricted use of all BlowerDoor measuring systems (independent of the number of measuring fans).


Features of BlowerDoor FireProtection

  • The attractive program interface allows for intuitive use.
  • Configure and save your projects, customers, and measuring devices according to your needs.
  • Enter as many measuring devices and the corresponding calibration certificates as you want.
  • The automated Door Fan Test offers the highest accuracy in the market.
  • Automatic import of the .bld files from the TECTITE Express 4.1 / 5.1 or TECLOG4 software.
  • Computational and graphical presentation of the measuring results in the test report.
  • The BlowerDoor GmbH product line includes all accessories required for a Door Fan Test according to ISO 14520.
  • The unlimited workstation license is valid for all BlowerDoor measuring systems (BlowerDoor Standard, BlowerDoor MiniFan, and BlowerDoor MultipleFan (with WiFi optional).


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